What’s Trending in Mobile Application Development?

Sep 25, 2021 TECH


So apps have become an inevitable part of every mobile that is going smart! Reminds one of the days when the operating system (OS) of computer paled before the applications running on it. What’s more, with OS like Android and iOS willing to support the burden of countless apps on them, it is a mobile app world all the way.

Mobile app development is a furiously dynamic field that needs a watch 24/7 all round the year. Genius apps sprouting now and then shoot the adrenaline of trend watchers hoping to knight it the next El Dorado in mobile app market. Though loathe to call it trends (because it pooh-poohs the traditional definition of trends!), we shall for posterity call it the same. So what are the trends currently swirling the app development world?

Hot Topic: Native Vs Web Apps

Sure, the web based apps are growing in strength, buttressed by powerful, nifty browsers and speedier internet. The smartphone junta that is the main beneficiary of this trend, powered as they are with robust, multitasking processors (eat humble pie, you PC processors!).

That brings about the interesting debate: native vs. web apps. Native apps no doubt reside in the smartphone as one’s own proprietary commodity. Web app development company India They can be decked with rich design providing an eye appealing pleasant user experience. But there can be flipsides too as the comparison illustrates.

Native apps:



  • Grand in design
  • Usability is top class
  • Can access features of the mobile
  • Easy to launch in app market and commercialize



Deployment across all OS platforms is expensive

Web apps:



  • Comparatively less rich in design
  • Usability varies
  • Deployable across multiple OS platforms



Unable to access all features

So while the debate continues one fact become clear; that necessity drives the development of apps and as long as there is a viable sustaining market, these types of apps will be continue to be developed.

Location based apps

Part of the reason why social media exhort you to update your location either stationary or while on the move is to provide (read bombard) you with relevant advertising and offers. Location based app development is an important trend fueled by companies urge to tailor their services or products based on the location of their customer. For example, a hyper market chain like TESCO can offer updates about the latest seasonal farm produce on its shelves to its customer living in Leeds city, UK or a global bank like Citibank can provide information and services to its US customer travelling to India.

Many apps are developed for services like gym, supermarkets, restaurants, club, real estate and so on, that need strict locale based development.

Social Networking

Affordable internet connectivity has made social networking on the go possible. The result is that accessing social media in mobiles has gone up exponentially providing ample opportunities for mobile app development for the social media sphere. Apps are also developed to tap into the huge data these social media can provide for commercial purposes.

Mobile commerce

Apps allowing payment via mobile have already made an impact. Now these mobile apps are stepping up the gas to alert a customer checking into a store/market, assist them with useful information or alert them to further offers. Mobile app development based on crazy ideas like clicking the picture of an item or its barcode with a mobile and adding that to shopping list is underway.


Mobile app development is bound on necessity and creativity. And since this is a sphere not constricted with unnecessary laws, the scope for development is endless. Have an idea, put it into practice! It somehow fetches you great moolah!

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