How to Find and Download DirectX Video Drivers

Jun 17, 2021 TECH

DirectX video drivers are the means by which your Windows operating system can interact with your sound and video card. DirectX is actually the foundation of today’s modern Windows graphics and audio quality.

Many games and multimedia programs utilize the DirectX interface for audio and video so if you do not take care and update your DirectX video drivers frequently, then you will most likely experience diminished video quality. And if you’re a heavy game player, well, gaming won’t be that much fun!

Troubleshoot DirectX Video Driver Problems

There are a couple of things you can do to get rid of DirectX related problems on your PC. Read on and see which one works best for you.

  • Make sure you run an anti-virus checker on your PC. Sometimes, malicious software and viruses can cause internal conflicts on your PC which can lead to a DirectX problem.
  • Some of the DirectX video error messages you may encounter may indicate a missing file or a ‘file not found’ error. In this case, try to run a registry cleaner. What has happened is that the registry may have been corrupted and certain files needed by DirectX ‘misplaced’. directx 12 download Running a registry cleaner should fix this problem.
  • Verify if the program that is showing the DirectX problem includes a DirectX installer on the CD or DVD you used to install the program. Usually, games come with a DirectX redistributable version that is automatically set up on your PC when the game is installed. Based on the experience of others, these DirectX redistributable versions are the causes of the problem so uninstall them.
  • Lastly, check to see if you have the latest DirectX video drivers for your PC!


Manufacturers often release new video drivers as a way for them to fix bugs in their products or to release new features. New drivers are also their way to ensure that their products work well even after you upgrade to a new OS or system.

Also, most people install and uninstall programs on their PCs all the time which may render existing video drivers corrupt. So check if you have the latest DirectX video drivers and if you don’t updated to the latest ones.

To find the latest DirectX video drivers for your PC, visit the Microsoft website to check if there are new drivers there for your system. You can also check out general tech or gaming forums. Most gamers want the best multimedia experience so if there’s a new driver out, someone, somewhere will have it and all you need to do is ask.

Finally, you can try a 3rd party driver finder / driver updater / driver locator utility. These programs come with a price but if you want your DirectX video drivers fast, they are a good option to try.

If you are frustrated with DirectX video driver problems or want to easily update your drivers, then try a recommended DirectX Driver Updater now.

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